Being the Difference in your story

We all know how it works – you fight through life and life fights back, it feels like you can never get a break and nothing works. Maybe, you were destined to struggle and should just give up, or maybe, just maybe, you did everything right and it was the system that failed you; not you it.

Navigating services is a process that involves steps, networking, knowledge and consistent follow through that tracks each element with precision; they didn’t make it easy, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier.

I have moved many mountains!

And guess what? You can, too!

Think of each sector as its own passing and each level as building the mountain, but also building you up it as it unfolds – it is copisync and I am here not to be the foot that hits the ground, but the strength in the foundation that surpasses each move forward. Social Security services, Mental Health service integrations, Waiver programs, Special Education, troubled youth, housing crisis, state and federal program navigation, Autism Spectrum assistance, Medicaid and Medicare implementation, and much more – you will do more than reach a goal because as you grow, so will you no longer climb mountains, but move them.

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State and Federal Programs

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Mental Health

Advocacy Services


Navigating the system often requires consistent and reliable support to network through the many channels; I am here to be the difference and get you to the finish line.


Initial consultations range in assessments based on factors verse goals with focus on financial needs, mental health barriers, housing security, and realistic step building to create a personalized and realistic plan.

Program Assistance

State and federal program integrations are vital to outcomes, as well as the many programs available with waivers and referral based assistance programs. From social security, special needs, education, housing, financial crisis, utility needs, mental health and social planning – this is the difference between surviving and thriving.

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Special Education

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And much more!