• Consultations
  • Assessments
  • Application Processing
  • Appeals
  • Program implementation

Copisync manages a wide breadth of assistance between federal and state programs:

  • Medicare and Medicade
  • Social Security – SSI and SSDI
  • Special Education
  • State and Federal Benefits
  • Housing Crisis
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health Management
  • Autism
  • Career Planning
  • Financial Education and Planning
  • Program and service assistance with utility aid and crisis needs
  • Long term care

Navigating the system can be exhausting and a circus to manage, this often times due to not knowing how the system works and how to effectively and efficiently funnel the challenges that arise in it.

Copisync services aims to assist in assessing, determining and working with individuals and families to complete applications, find new programs, assist with current programs, and see them through until completion.

We do this by holding services accountable and managing communication and determinations, as well as helping with appeals and barriers as needed.

With Copisync Services, you are never alone and results speak.

Reach out today and let us redefine what empowerment speaks!

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